The first web platform in the Caucasus

13-09-2021 first web platform in the Caucasus

Project management system
The website allows you, in one space, to post a project or send a proposal for the execution of a project to a customer, agree, add tasks, use chat to communicate and carry out transactions from the website.

Project customer
The customer, as a company, has the opportunity to add any type of project, post information about the project, budget, execution time, description or additional documents and receive offers from different companies registered in the specified category, who will be notified about your project. After that, you receive offers from them on the web page, choose the offer tailored to you and agree to the project.

Project manager
The artist, company or individual has the opportunity to post information about his company, logo, description, number of employees, works, field of activity and other additional information. To see the list of projects, filter by categories, budget and countries, get to know detailed information about the project, send an offer that will interest the customer. The customer will receive a message, see the terms and, if desired, confirm the offer on the project and start working on the project.