What we offer?

Project management software

A website allows you to place a project in one space or send a project offer to a client, agree, add assignments, use chat to communicate, and perform transactions from the website.

Project Client

The client, as a company, has the opportunity to add any type of project, post project information, budget, execution time, description or additional documents and receive offers, from various companies registered in the specified category, to which a message about your project will be sent. You will then receive quotes from them on the web site, select a customized quote, and agree on a project.

Project Executor

The performer, company or individual has the opportunity to post information about his company, logo, description, number of employees, works, field of activity and other additional information. View the list of projects, filter by categories, budget and countries, get detailed information about the project, send an offer that will interest the customer. The client will receive a message, will see the terms and if desired, will confirm the offer for the project and start working on the project.

The legal entity can add a project to the website, and the project can be executed or offered by both legal entities and individuals.

Through the website, you will be able to receive any messages about new projects, or already agreed projects that are related to your field of activity, in addition, you have the opportunity to use the chat that connects and simplifies the process between users while working on the project.

On the web page, you will be able to manage the process of your project, monitor current tasks, add new ones and convert to completed tasks, based on this data, you will easily understand what stage your project is at.

With the help of the website you will be able to add a project, specify a budget, execution period, describe or attach additional documents, then receive offers from various companies, sign an agreement remotely and carry out transactions.