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Projects New

Budget : 400.0 ₾ 29-02-2024

Budget : 300.0 ₾ 11-12-2023

Budget : 500.0 ₾ 11-11-2023

Budget : 900.0 ₾ 10-11-2023

Budget : 700.0 ₾ 10-11-2023

Budget : 4500.0 ₾ 10-11-2023

Companies Top

Minimum : ₾ In team : 5
Minimum : ₾ In team : 12
Minimum : ₾ In team : 20
Minimum : ₾ In team : 21
Minimum : ₾ In team : 90
Minimum : 500.00₾ In team : 5

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